This country was built upon the assumption of everyone deserving a chance to succeed if they are willing to work hard. Due to Covid-19 many of the opportunities that had previously been taken for granted disappeared. We need to work together to bring businesses back to NYC so we can begin building those opportunities again.

Here are some of the issues New Yorkers are concerned about that I would address ASAP:

  • get everyone vaccinated against Covid-19

  • work with CEOs to find out what it's going to take to bring businesses back to NYC and get them open again

  • get ALL children back in school full-time

  • offer training for new skills

  • get new, full NYPD classes in the Police Academy

  • allow the NYPD to do their job, not mental health counselors

  • address the homeless epidemic and find reasonable shelter alternatives

  • examine Riker's Island closing and new jail plans and contracts with outside counsel

  • fine and jail, if necessary, slumlords

  • bring back public school Gifted and Talented programs

  • scrutinize the distribution of the $1billion+ provided to  ThriveNYC

  • work to end no bail for criminals

  • restore penalties for Quality of Life violations

  • provide help to make sure there are