Elizabeth "Betsy" O'Hagan for

NYC Mayor


The last 8 years have been tough on New Yorkers. We need to change that. We have to get back to a time when we felt safe walking outside, being in school, seeing a baseball game, taking the subway, going to work. NYC does NOT need another Bill deBlasio. We need to work together to get our city back up and running. We've been promised full vaccinations for all by mid-year. If that happens we can get people back to work, reopen all our restaurants, bring back Broadway, get up to Yankee Stadium for Lou Gehrig Day or out to Citi Field, attend graduations and weddings, go back to our houses of worship and be able to hug and kiss our loved ones. And I believe we can do this together. Not all in one day, but step by step. And we WILL bring our beloved NYC back. And raise our families here. And be safe here. And show the world we are still the greatest city ever. Together.

As a NYC Mayoral Candidate I promise to work day and night to get NYC back up and running as quickly as possible.